Seb van der Vliet, with over 15 years’ experience  in the sports travel industry, heads FFI ST. Seb is supported by a small team of professionals who work meticulously in the back ground to ensure your tour needs are met, when overseas.

Every tour is specifically designed to the needs of our client, being tailored to deliver the balance of travel, sports development and tourism experience to impact the participant, deilver the highest value and create lasting memories.

Having designed and successfully delivered over 300 sports tours, we know what is required to create the impact and the lasting memories. Our extensive network of partners and professionals have seen us administer Australian Tours across the globe to UK, Europe, Asia and South America.

It is our quest to deliver “Memories and Beyond” and we know that this is what keeps our customers coming back for more!

So in planning a tour concept and your need for a reliable partner that can deliver something different that will enhance the capability of your team, talk to us and we can help you! Our experience is evident, FFI-ST want to make a difference, be the best and create those special events for you.
About Us
FFI ST Pty Ltd is an Australian Sports Tours Company based in Sydney, specialising in the ‘world game’ of football. It provides tailored football programs to the sporting communities of Australia and New Zealand. FFI ST also handle tours in Rugby, Hockey and Cricket.
  • Northern Tigers Start at Stamford Bridge

    Northern Tigers, start their tour programme with a visit to Stamford Bridge and watched Arsenal v Southampton at the Emirates. Next stop is a training session and watch Chelsea v Bolton in the Capital One Cup

    22 Sep 14

  • Lindfield Enjoys The Highs and Lows of the EPL

    Lindfield, watch Aston Villa v Arsenal, Man City v Chelsea and Liverpool v Middlesborough in their first 4 days in the UK

    19 Sep 14